1. All rental fees must be paid by money order or certified check to the Birmingham Board of Education at least one week (7) days in advance of the date of use of the district’s facilities and/or grounds. The money order or certified bank check should be hand-delivered or sent by registered mail (must be received prior to date of event) to Birmingham Board of Education, Department of Finance, Room 204, 2015 Park Place North, Birmingham, Alabama 35203.
  2. Approved equipment usage or personnel is not included in the rental fee.
  3. School based organizations (refer to Section I) may have two (2) paid events per year as school fundraising projects without a rental charge for the building and/or grounds. A Facilities Usage Form must be completed. A custodian must be paid at one and one-half time their daily rate of pay to be present at the event.
  4. Alabama sales tax, when required, will be collected.



Elementary, and Middle School Classrooms

$12.00 per hour
High School Classrooms
$20.00 per hour
Media Center
$20.00 per hour
Elementary Schools – cafeteria, auditorium, Gymnasium
$25.00 per hour 

Middle Schools – cafeteria, gymnasium,

$60.00 per hour

High Schools – cafeteria
$60.00 per hour
High Schools – gymnasium
$60.00 per hour
High Schools – auditorium, theater
(includes lobby area, and stage)

$100.00 per hour
High Schools – game field and track$90.00 per hour
High Schools – toursCustodial staff is required for tour groups at a 1 to 25 ratio. Groups of 25 or less: one school custodian @ 1 1/2 their daily rate of pay
Groups between 25-50; two
custodians, etc.
Middle and High Schools – practice field$50.00 per hour
Other outside areas – i.e. courtyard, parking lot$20.00 per hour
Special lighting – i.e. stage, stadium, track, field and equipment$20.00 per hour


Fee and Insurance Waivers

i.       With the approval of the Superintendent, the principal may authorize the use of the facility for a reduced fee or no charge for any non-profit organization or school based organization where the use of the facility is solely for the benefit of the student population in that the use will raise funds for student activities or will provide students with the opportunity to engage in activities that are consistent with the district’s goals, values and curriculum.

ii.      School based organizations may be permitted to use school facilities without providing liability insurance. This exemption applies only to activities on campus and does not extend to off-campus activities or to transportation. This exemption applies only to activities whose proceeds directly benefit a school or the district, and cannot be assigned through a partnership or other agreement.

iii.      Any existing agreements between the board, a booster or volunteer group, or governmental agency shall govern facility usage as stated in the agreement and can only be terminated as provided within the agreement.

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